Obama lifts research restrictions on embryonic stem cells

From New Scientist, March 2009

Stem cell biologists in the US have been waiting for a long time to be able to use the more Pluripotent embryonic stem cells that were banned by the Bush administration. Reversal of the ban is an action scientists hope will lead to cures for deadly ailments like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

“What happened today is huge,” says Kevin Wilson, director of public policy at the American Society for Cell Biology. “We’ve gone from having a small number of cell lines eligible for federal funding to having at least a few hundred.”


Popular Mechanics, UFO Myths

UFO Myths: A Special Investigation into Stephenville and Other Major Sightings
What were the speed-shifting, color-morphing UFOs that mystified hundreds of eyewitnesses around Stephenville, Texas, last January? Optical Illusions? Secret Military Operations? Alien Spaceships? PM spent months investigating UFO conspiracy theories, looking for straightforward explanations. A special report.



Another Natural Explanation for UFOs

Famous photograph of ball lightning, which prompted scientists to acknowledge the phenomenon.

Photograph of ball lightning, which prompted scientists to acknowledge the phenomenon.

The world is complex and often mysterious. So the fact people see light in the sky they can’t explain is not that unusual.

Things like the atmospheric electrical phenomenon called Ball Lightning have been known for years. And if you are not familiar with Ball Lighting by all means look it up, it’s fascinating.

Now scientist at the Tel Aviv University have discovered yet another natural light emitting phenomenon that takes place high above thunder storms called “Sprites”. True, not as intriguing as saying you looked up in the sky and saw ET flying around but I find the real world much more appealing.

Sprightly Explanation For UFO Sightings?