About Theist Free

I don’t know what it is, but I have always had a low tolerance for bullshit.

When most people hear something that just doesn’t sound right they tend to doubt their own intuition and believe that what they are being told has the possibility of being true or IS true. Being a skeptic has become a bad thing, but in a society filled with scams, rhetoric and dogma I think a critical point of view is down right important. To this day I do not smoke, when I tried it the first time as a kid I coughed and gaged and after that no one could convince me to believe it was a good thing, my own first impression turned out to be the correct choice. Same with drugs, growing up in the 60s the popular idea was that drugs were OK, but something about it never sat right with me, the people who were telling me this stuff were too into the drugs, and the drugs were not doing anything to make them smarter, interesting to be around or talented. So my instinct was to take a pass on the stuff too.

I have always had a habit of questioning what I am told, not a good thing for someone who went to Catholic schools. “So you say this guy lived inside a big fish for three days?… Well how did he breath?” Once you question religious dogma there is no reason not to question it all even if that belief is popular and comforting. It may be disappointing to hear that by sheer power of will that you can not fly, but far better then jumping off a roof and finding gravity is a harsh mistress. Astrology is a fun fad but nothing you want to use to make important decisions. Pray may make you feel good, but can’t cure cancer.

I am proud to be what they call a Skeptic, I am not radical about it, if you tell me it’s raining outside I will take your word for it. But tell me it’s snowing outside and it’s a hot day in August I am going to look for myself before putting on a winter coat.